What do others in the community say about Abington Caregivers?

We are not perfect – let us assure you of that.

However, we try wholeheartedly to please every one of our Clients.

We love what we do, and that helps. We feel that Caregiving is our life’s Calling!

Abington Caregivers is lead by Faye, who is  a very capable Care Manager. Faye is a breath of fresh air. She is eager to serve and please every Client. What a pleasure it was working with her and seeing her attention to even the smallest of details. Faye is trustworthy. She is a Godly woman who looks out for her Clients’ best interest. 

Olena L.

I have been in and around Homecare for 22 years. Faye, who is the Care Coordinator at Abington Caregivers, is one of the most caring women I have ever met. She is a God-fearing person, who would not hurt anyone – to the contrary, she wants to help and care for everyone. Faye cares and that care is evident in the way she treats Clients and Caregivers alike.

 Chris M.